Live Education!

Thank you for sharing your valuable time, spirit and amazing consciousness. You have rescued my faith in the Waldorf world!

Grace Ames
Wilton, CT

The live education material has been a deep source of nourishment for me personally, which allows me to sustain my deep commitment to educate my children at home. The course helps me to impart to my children a living connection to the world which R. Steiner intended. It's concise and beautiful presentation lets me teach a complete holistic lesson rather than preparing my own lesson from numerous sources.

Susan Mason
Boulder, CO

I wanted to take a moment to thank you again, I am sure I'm beginning to sound like a skipping record. I felt I would be able to articulate my true gratitude better if I allowed myself time to be still and absorb the information you both relayed to our group about Waldorf inspired curriculum and pedagogy (thanks for the new word) that seem to bind the concepts of each lesson to the student for life.

Our area has needed additional options in education for decades. I appreciate what I consider your "back to basics" approach to mentoring children and parents in their journey toward educational enlightenment and freedom. In my estimation, the three fold approach to education will ensure that children of every intelligence will glean the maximum from each lesson, and will in essence set them up to seek out educational experiences in their own environments.

I find myself in the state of W.onder A.we & R.everence each time I think about our involvement in "The Lighthouse School". This is the first time I have felt comfortable with the concept of W.A.R.. I do realize you and yours are not Rudolph Steiner and that this Philosophy for teaching is not new. But for your part in bringing it to this community and to my family, I would like to thank you. It is as if the sun has shown through the educational fog that has hung over this area since the inception of forced education.

We are not only Blessed but also thankful.

Suzanne, Bob and Mackie Adams
North Bend, OR

Thank you Live Education for your curriculum. I have spent the summer studying and immersing myself in as many books as possible on Waldorf education. I was really making an effort to understand form drawing and the purpose for doing it. I spent a week at RSC taking classes with teachers who would be teaching first grade in the fall. At the end of that week, I still felt very unclear about form drawing. When I received the grade one Live Education material, I immediately began reading the form drawing book. After just a short time reading, I had one of those moments when all the pieces come together and form drawing finally made sense!

In appreciation,

Lori Sloan
Auburn, CA

Filling out the questionnaire alone has been an enriching experience. Just spending time thinking deeply about my children over the course of three days and filling the questionnaire out as things came to me made me know and appreciate my two very different children more deeply than I could have imagined. Thank you for all you do.


Liana Weed
Longview, TX

Just wanted to provide yet another testimonial for your service. The boys (aged 10 and 12 years) and I are just about half way through our second year of using your homeschooling courses. The boys themselves have asked to continue homeschooling rather than attending local school . I know that their hearts minds and spirits are being opened and developed through use of these materials and exposure to the subject matter that they cover.

An added gift is that I have found myself as well. Having gone through conventional schooling in public schools in Canada and later Univeristies in Canada America and Australia - I never had the opportunity to explore these subjects through the Steiner approach- all three of us learn together.

We are particularly enjoying the Geometry . I had feared that for two active boys it would be difficult for them to bring the necessary focus to geometry lessons - but my happy experience has been that these lessons actually help them to settle down focus and concentrate and we invariably have a more peaceful and pleasant time on the geometry afternoons.

Keep doing what you are doing so well- bringing alternative education to families like ours.

All the best

Vivian Markovich
Thimphu, Bhutan

Feeling rather hopeless at one point in our new adventure with homeschooling, I longed for some inspiration. Literally the day that our live-education curriculum arrived, the sun rays started shining through. I cannot believe what a difference one week has made. My children are happy, enthusiastic to learn and excited. My son Aaron, once very negative about learning and bored, looks forward to his school day with renewed energy. We understand rhythm now... We now know the meaning of live education because we do it with great feeling minute by minute, day by day. Thank you Rainbow.

Suzanne Lamprecht
Benoni, South Africa

Dear Rainbow, Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying using the books you sent. I meant to write a thank you for them earlier, but this has been such a full few weeks for me. ...The books have been such an incredible blessing. I do not know what I would have done without your help. Thank you so much.

Jacky Cox
Sacramento, California

I have been working with the Live Education materials this past year and have been delighted that both the materials and the consulting services have surpassed my expectations!

Kimberly Rivera
El Paso, TX

Hi Rainbow, The weekend workshop went very well. Concentrating on second grade was just what I needed and so many things that I learned at the Live Education workshop went to a deeper level and sunk in. I think that's how all learning happens ... everything builds upon prior knowledge and then all of the sudden many things interconnect and make for a greater understanding of the whole. Please extend my gratitude for the Live Ed workshop to all that made it happen. You had so many beautiful pieces woven together and orchestrated so wonderfully. It was very full and rich and inspiring. Kelli did such a wonderful job with organizing and implementing childcare and meals. My children speak so fondly of her and the great things they did together. Thanks to all for blessing us with their special gifts! I look forward to connecting with you again!

Debbie Gattegno
Denver, CO

Today was a total success implementing the things that I learned in Santa Cruz. Miraculously my children were calm for hours and focused and I was a happy and joyful Mother once again. Mia gave me the total view of what it means to Waldorf homeschool and I love it! Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL seminar!

Woodland Hills, CA

Dear Rainbow, I just received the curriculum today, and I wanted to say thank you. The content is amazing and presented in such a thorough easy to understand way, that will make the homeschooling journey so much easier and more enjoyable this year.

One of the grievences I have had with our local Waldorf school is that it does not include any teachings from our local indigenous culture. As a parent who is very conscious about raising global citizens, I was impressed that not only were the Native American Myths included (which I knew were coming), but also that you included African and Indian myths. I am really excited to find a curriculum that is so in tune with our family values and supportive of our desire to raise children that are exposed to as much culture as possible.

I send you our warmest thanks for all the knowledge that you have poured into this work. With thanks,

Helen Metcalf
Perth, Western Australia

This is a beautiful website that i just keep coming back to. All the art work and the presentation is what has sold me over the other homeschooling websites. I can feel the authenticity and quality and i am so excited to receive the curriculum.

Jayde Pitau
Adelaide, Australia

Live Education is without any question the best available Waldorf curriculum anywhere (I did my share of research). It is thoughtful, creative and true to the anthroposophical view of child development. Truly inspiring!

Olga Berg
Princeville, HI

I received your LE books for KG and First Grade earlier this year. I would like to thank you all so much for the thorough and in depth presentation of the material. My children are 4 & 7 years old and go to the local Montessori and primary school respectively. It has been such a relief and joy to be able to work with a different and meaningful approach. They are loving the imagery and creativity. Thank you so much. I would have found state education completely dismal, if I hadn't had this to fall back on.

Mamoni Mitchell
Dartmoor, Devon UK


Another school morning another wet bed and is that..... yes there goes my youngest son retching in the bathroom again. Oh dear that means more tantrums and angry snarling kids when I pick them up after school.

My eldest son was joyless and very quiet while my youngest son hid away in his bedroom and snarled like a wild animal whenever anybody tried to engage him in anything. He said to me once "I hate you mum, here you are at home all day and you make me go to that place. Why do you hate me?". Wow! Heart wrenching! Of course my little girl was the one who wore the brunt of most of their frustration and she suffered. We all were suffering.

The boys had been Rudolph Steiner pupils until we moved to another town. Things were never going to be the same again, we knew that, but it was soon apparent just how different things were becoming and it was heading in a direction that we just did not want to go. So my soul said "Search!" and God answered with "Here it is!" A Rudolph Steiner homeschool curriculum from my friend Rainbow in America.

We started out on our home schooling journey at the beginning of this year and we have never looked back. The anger has gone, the bed wetting has stopped and the customary sound of retching each morning has been replaced with singing. My boys hated singing.

The curriculum itself is stunning. Real food for what is really important.... our spirits. The colour and the beauty of the work that my boys turn out each day with such commitment is astounding to me. They hum as they colour and they laugh as they recite poems that we have made up together to learn the times tables. I have realised just how much of them I missed out on when they were at school. Now I miss nothing at all. I have all of them, and my heart greets each day now laughing instead of crying knowing what lies ahead for me.

My oldest son came to me and told me that the best thing about homeschooling is that he has a lot more time with me. He told me that instead of it being like school, it was like doing great stuff with his mum. My youngest son now cuddles me and tells me how much he loves me, many times a day. He writes me notes of love and makes wee gifts for me to find around the house. There is a great friendship between all of my children now, and more kindness shown toward each other. However, kids being kids, I won't pretend that it is like Little House on the Prairie all of the time but my daughter now enjoys being included in the boys games, even though she has girl germs?????

It truly is a wonderful thing to be able to steer your own ship through life and not be swayed and dictated to by those around you. There are many opportunities that will help you to decide this and many tools to help you achieve this. If you can let go of fear and grab on to faith, there is a world of wonder to behold.

Thank-you Rainbow and Live Education for being out there where we could find you. Our children have found joy in each day now instead of on the odd occasion. We are grateful for yet another tool to help us stay on course.

Kindest regards,

Paula and Angelo
Greymouth, New Zealand

Dear Rainbow,

After I talked to you last evening, it struck me that we have been having our annual phone calls for eight years now! We are so appreciative of your beautiful curriculum. We have all gained so much from Steiner's vision and your ability to help teachers bring it to life. Helena has truly blossomed as we have travelled through the curriculum--sometimes literally dragging ourselves along, but always gaining wings in the end. We are looking forward to this last year, which will actually be her first year of high school.

I am so pleased to see as she moves out into the world that she has such depth; the public school teachers cannot tell me enough how much they appreciate who she is. I am so grateful that she has such a love of the arts, language and culture, and is comfortable without TV and cellphone. Her Shakespeare director and coaches are amazed at her ability to understand and quickly memorize her lines. Thank you so much for supporting us in this process; it would not have been the same without you.

With gratitude,

Kristine, Jeff & Helena
Canton, Ohio

Dearest Rainbow,

I am sorry it has taken me nearly a month to write what I intended to express immediately following your magical gathering in Santa Cruz... Belatedly I wanted to thank you for the inspiration through enlivened instruction, masterful modeling and for the compassionate and kind community you and your exceptional faculty created.

I arrived at Santa Cruz hoping I would find "what" to teach my children, and while I absolutely answered that question (Live Education!) I also began to feel my way through the "how" and "why" questions, as well.

While my inner artist is, I'm sorry to say, a bit rusty from lack of use, given my long history as a public school student and teacher, I am, thanks to the loving inspiration of you and your faculty, starting to take tentative but successive steps towards re-integrating art, awe and a love of learning back into my (our) life. As I share this with my family through painting, handwork, singing, dancing, cooking, games and telling stories, I see not only their joy but I also feel a new me emerging through this process: a me that inspired more than instructs, leads more than lectures and touches- hands as we dance, nature as we explore and hearts as we sing-far more than 'teaches.'

I guess you could say that I'm starting to let go of the shackles of public education. And in this joyful, scary and wonderful journey of re-education, I am beginning to feel the heart of a true teacher. I am deeply grateful to you and the amazing faculty you gathered which has enabled this unfolding artistic path to begin in my family.


Celestina Passaro
Carpinteria, California

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