A Live Education! Newletter

Setting the Agenda for a Meeting with AWSNA

Dear friends,

Those of us working to bring the spirit of Waldorf education
into the public sphere long to be considered as colleagues
to our brothers and sisters teaching in the private Waldorf
schools. To that end, the present leadership of WIPSA,
representing you on the Steering Committee, has organized an
important summit meeting with the leadership of AWSNA. This
meeting will be facilitated by Torin Finser and take place
in San Francisco, at the Rudolf Steiner Foundation, over the
weekend of May 13th and 14th. The agenda has not been set,
but the main item to be discussed that affects us all is how
non-AWSNA schools can be allowed to describe their programs
as Waldorf (inspired, oriented) based.

If you (or anyone at your school) would like to offer other
ideas to be considered for the agenda, please don't hesitate
to contact me via e-mail with your suggestions. We truly
want to represent the 30 schools we have been in contact
with, schools that are bringing a Waldorf program to nearly
5,000 students in the western US. Our work is an important
part of the Waldorf movement, and we want to collaborate
with the wider leadership to effectively expand the world's
best hope for inspired education. This is only possible
with respectful dialogue; and it is only powerful if such
dialogue is truly representative.

For the Steering Committee,

Rainbow Rosenbloom