A Live Education! Newletter

WIPSA Steering Committee Report

On Wednesday, March 15th, the Steering Committee for our new association of Waldorf-oriented schools met at Woodland Star Charter School in Sonoma, California.

In this meeting, we developed a working name for our organization:

The Waldorf-Inspired Public Schools Alliance (WIPSA).
*Waldorf: We are committed to standing behind the use of Waldorf curriculum/pedagogy in our schools.
*Inspired: Indicating that we do not consider our schools to be "official" Waldorf schools and is included as a conciliatory gesture to AWSNA.
*Public Schools: Several schools in the organization are not "charter" schools per se, but all receive public funding and approval.
*Alliance: Members of this organization are allied to one another, forming a strong network of support and community.

Over the next couple of weeks, we invite comment on this title, and would like to receive feedback before making the name official. Please write with your thoughts: rainbow@live-education.com.

The WIPSA steering committee comprises people who have committed to the work of organizing this association until the membership has elected officials and passed bylaws. Current members include six school administrators: Tim Connolly, Susan Olson, Martha Collins, Caleb Buckley, Chip Romer, and Bill Bindewald, and two consultants: George Hoffecker and Rainbow Rosenbloom.

All member school administrators are welcome to participate in our meetings. The next meeting will take place on Monday, April 24th, from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, at Woodland Star Charter School in Sonoma, and will include an inspirational, yet short, administrative seminar as well led by George. Please contact George Hoffecker if you will be attending: george@woodlandstarschool.org. (NOTE: This is a new date chosen, and we need confirmation ASAP from Steering Committee members).

Additionally, we will invite AWSNA leadership to a joint meeting with the steering committee of WIPSA, and will report when we receive a response.

Thank you for your continued support!
Warm regards,
Rainbow Rosenbloom