A Live Education! Newletter

Administrative Consulting Services

Every school needs help in making wise administrative decisions. With 30 years of experience working and learning in the Waldorf community, including years as a class teacher, public school administrator, mentor, consultant, lecturer, and author, I believe I can serve Mt. Mahogany Community Charter School in the capacity of administrative consultant.

I help you design a custom package that reflects the unique needs of your school. The following menu introduces the services I currently offer.

*Recruiting new teachers, administrators, and mentors.
*Public talk to promote enrollment
*Governing council presentation about administration and governance
*Faculty meetings regarding Waldorf methods in the public sphere
*Curriculum workshops
*Ongoing advising regarding decisions surrounding issues of governance, school district relationships, recruiting needs, staff evaluation, and relationship to AWSNA and teacher-training colleges

*Additionally, my Live Education! partner Bruce Bischof joins me to lead two-day weekend artistic seminars for teachers and parents.

Final package price is determined by services required, number of school visitations, and term of contract.

For further information or to request a quote, please write to me at rainbow@live-education.com or leave a message on my voicemail at 831-457-4243. I look forward to working with you.

Warm regards,
Rainbow Rosenbloom