A Live Education! Newletter

BIG changes at Live Education!

After more than 17 years with a web presence, and the first
international Waldorf organization with a web site (1997),
Live Education! is proud to announce that we are
modernizing....finally! Our new site will be accessible
from mobile devices, as well as providing a more dynamic
experience for the user. It is still in development phase,
but we are sharing the temporary address for our present
customer base to try it and give us feedback. You can view
at www.live-ed.com

You may also sign up there for our Summer Seminar, held July
22nd-26th, once again at the Santa Cruz Waldorf School in
beautiful Santa Cruz, CA. The theme this summer will be
Leadership.....how to develop capacities in our children to
enable them to become leaders in their communities, and most
importantly, leaders of their lives. In addition, we as
parents, teachers, and administrators need to learn to
develop such capacities in ourselves. Singing with Michael
Hall, eurythmy with David-Michael Monasch, handwork with
Melanie Hatch, and drawing/painting with Bruce Bischof will
complement the inspiring morning presentations on leadership
by George Hoffecker and Rainbow Rosenbloom. Afternoons will
be spent once again in small groups doing math games and
recorder with David Darcy, blackboard drawing with Bruce,
and knitting with Melanie. One-on-one planning sessions
will be available each afternoon for homeschool parents and
classroom teachers preparing their blocks and artistic
lessons, choosing one of our 11 faculty members for support.
Mia Michael will be returning to guide early childhood and
kindergarten teachers and parents.

New this summer will be a cohort of administrators, board
presidents, and school developers led by George Hoffecker.
A group workshop is scheduled each day before lunch, and
individual planning sessions will occur each afternoon. In
the evenings, discussions on inner development will once
again be led by Daniel Bittleston and Rainbow.

Finally, we will be running our Waldorf summer camp for
children of Summer Seminar participants. There will be two
groups: ages 5-9, and 10-14, each engaged in storytelling,
crafts, movement, play, and, for the older group, archery,
spatial dynamics, and drama. The whole community will share
locally-sourced organic meals together for morning snack and
lunch. We expect to fill to capacity, so do let us know
ASAP if you plan to attend.

Over 225 years ago, Benjamin Franklin said "Nothing is
certain except death and taxes....and technology upgrades"
(we're not actually sure of the last bit)....but here we
are, filled with excitement and apprehension, looking
forward to any feedback you bring us. If you respond
quickly, we may even be able to include your suggestions in
the final rendition :)

Much love to you all, and hope to see you this summer!

Rainbow Rosenbloom and the Live Education! family