A Live Education! Newletter

A Busy Spring at Live Education!

Dear friends of Live Education,

We have lots of exciting things to share with you in
this newsletter!

What better place to start than with an introduction?

My name is Ana, and Iím pleased to say that Iíve
recently joined the staff and community of Live
Education! as an Administrative & Communications
Assistant. In addition to many other things, Iíll be
attending to this here community newsletter! Iím a
life-long homeschooler, some friends along the way
having graciously influenced me with their Waldorf
teachings, and Iím looking forward to continuing my
curiosity and passion for life alongside Live Ed!, and
furthermore to assist our ever growing and inspiring
clientele (thatís you, so let me know if you need

Next, to share an exciting opportunity for those in the
Massachusetts area.....

Founding Director Rainbow Rosenbloom will be
speaking in the Arlington Senior Center on Monday,
April 28th - just one week from today! Rainbow is
excited to be a part of the Cairn Hill initiative in the
Boston area, a wonderful project to bring tuition-free
Waldorf education to a public charter school and an
underprivileged population only served presently by
failing schools.

The event itself is a free, public meeting and movie
screening on The Intersection of Waldorf Education
and the Charter School Movement in the U.S. and
Massachusetts, held in the Arlington Senior Center
(27 Maple St, behind Arlington Town Hall). Meeting
will be from 7-8:30, movie screening from 8:45-9:30.
We hope to see you there!

Our presence is growing, and so will our online
counterpart to followÖ

Weíll be exploring social and internet media a lot
more in the year to come, with an intention to more
seamlessly and easily provide you with access to all
kinds of information, updates, resources,
inspirational quotes, and so much more. We want to
build just as great an internet rapport with you as we
would be doing in person, and are thrilled to explore
these new channels to do so. Be on the lookout for
the face of Live Education! on Twitter, increasing
activity on our Facebook page, and possibly some
great webinars on our very own site!

Also coming soon is a new upper grades booklet on

So keep an ear tuned our way, as the coming year
promises to hold amazing transformations here at
LE! And with innovation and passion abound, we
couldnít be happier in anticipation of what those
transformations will look like. Change can also bring
with it some bumps and stumbles, and as always
we will be welcoming and gracious of any
suggestions or feedback you may have for us
throughout this process.

All the best,
For the staff of Live Education!
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Ana is reachable by email: ana@live-education.com
by phone: (831)-688-4473, from 10am-6pm,
California time.

Or you can write directly to Rainbow at rainbow@live-

ĒListen to your heart. It knows all things, because it
came from the soul of the world, and it will one day
return there.Ē ĖThe Alchemist


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