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Shipping & Handling Information


New Shipping Materials

We are pleased to announce that our trial run, using custom boxes and labels, has been well-received by our homeschooling families. This will now be a permanent part of our shipping process.

Shipping Details

Domestic orders are shipped by USPS Priority Mail. Canadian and international orders are shipped by USPS Global Express.

We normally mail shipments twice each week. Please Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

Shipping/Handling Rates

Domestic Orders   International Orders
1 package$15   1 package$65
2 packages$20   2 packages$85
3 packages$30   3 packages$95
4 packages$40   4 packages$120

Shipping/handling charges for Site License orders are $75 for domestic orders. International Site License charges depend upon country shipped to, and will range from $150 to $225.

Return Policy

Live Education! has gone to great expense to create a website that accurately portrays the materials we provide. We expect each family to look carefully at the table of contents and sample lesson pages for each of the booklets in a particular grade, before placing an order.

We do not offer a return policy. Under unusual circumstances and at our discretion we occasionally allow returns; in such situations we charge the Initial Consultation fee, shipping and handling, and a 15% restocking fee.

Session Values