Sample Lesson

From the book: Introduction to the Fifth Year

Introduction to the Fifth Year

A Sample Block Rotation for the Year

First Semester (September to the end of January)

Introduction to Geometry I (3weeks) Sept.

Ancient India (3 weeks) Sept./Oct.

Botany (Life Science) I

Fungi, Ferns, Algae, Conifers (3 weeks) Oct.

Ancient Persia (3weeks) Oct./Nov.

North American Geography I (3 weeks) Nov./Dec.

Math Practice with Decimals (2 weeks) Dec.

Winter Break (2 weeks)

Second Semester (February through June)

Ancient Mesopotamia (3 weeks) Feb.

Geometry, Graphs, Estimation (4 weeks) Feb./Mar.

North American Geography II (3 weeks) Mar./Apr.

Ancient Egypt (3 weeks) Apr./May

Spring Break (2 weeks)

Botany II

Monocotyledons and Dicotyledons (3 weeks) May

The Greek Myths

with Homerís Odyssey (3 weeks) June