Table of Contents

From the book: Introduction to the First Year, Nature Science for the First Year

Table of Contents

Introduction to the First Year Curriculum

Introduction 1

The Books of the Live Education First Year Curriculum 2

Books You Will Need for Teaching the First Year Curriculum 4

Materials Needed for Main Lessons in Letters, Numbers, Form Drawing 5

Supplies Needed for Water Color Painting 5

Other Materials 6

How to Organize the Year; Teaching Using Block Rotations 7

A Block Rotation for First Grade 9

Rhythm in the Day and the Week 10

The Four Parts of the Daily Lesson 11

Opening Activities 12

Review 13

Lesson Presentation and Lesson Activity 14

First Year Nature Science:

The Everyday, The Seasons; The Backyard

Introduction 17

Suggestions for Lessons 19

Three Weeks of Nature Science Lessons 20

Sample Lesson: The Introduction of Paper 21

Crafts Related to the Everyday Objects 24

Seasonal Nature Studies, Crafts and Activities 25

The Nature Table: Festivals and Nature Study 27

The Months and Nature Study: January to December 29-42