Sample Lesson

From the book: Introduction to the Fourth Year

The Block Calendar Rotation

Here is a possible block rotation scheme for the entire year.  There are about 18 weeks from September to the end of January including a two-week winter break.  This would constitute the first semester of the year.  Another 16-18 weeks including a two-week spring break will take us into mid-June concluding the second semester. 

 First Semester

       September to the end of January

Sept.                Local Geography City and County Block I               3 weeks

Sept./Oct.        Introduction to Fractions Block I                               3 weeks

Oct.                 The Norse Myths with Composition Block I                        3 weeks

Oct./Nov.        Man and Animal Studies Block I                                3 weeks

Nov./ Dec.       Introduction to Grammar Block I                               3 weeks

Dec./Jan.         The Kalevala Epic                                                       3 weeks

                         2 week winter break at this time

Second Semester:

  February through June

Feb.                 Fraction Applications Block II                                   3 weeks

Feb./Mar.        Man and Animal Studies Block II                              3 weeks

Mar./April      Grammar and English Block II *with Norse Myths  3 weeks

April/May      State History and Geography Block II                       3 weeks

                        2 week spring break at this time

May                The Beowulf Epic                                                       3 weeks

June                 Review and  More Stories from the Kalevala             3 weeks

                                    or Norse Mythology (optional)

* optional to include stories of the Norse Myths here